Why do I need idtagit, can’t I just put my name and number on my belongings?

idtagit is the most secure and discreet way of connecting you to your property. Labels with your name and/or number not only expose your details to anyone, but they could also easily rub or fall off. Both our strong adhesive and swing tag hole ensure your ID code will stay with your belongings making it easy for them to be returned, but without giving away your identity.

How small is the idtagit tag?

idtagit tags are 40mm long x 18mm wide x 1.3mm thick – only slightly larger than a SIM card and extremely light, yet durable.

How does the tag stick on, won’t it just fall off easily?

Our tags are attached via an extremely strong adhesive that won’t come unstuck or peel off, unless force is deliberately applied.

What if I want to tag something it can’t be stuck to, like my keyring?

All of our tags come with the option to be a swing tag, so if preferred, instead of sticking on to items you can instead attach it to things like keyrings, pet collars and chains.

Is idtagit only for really valuable items?

No way! How do you define valuable? Sometimes it’s the items that aren’t worth a lot of money that have more value – such as your child’s teddy bear which they can’t live without, or your set of keys which would be a major inconvenience to replace. You can pop idtagit on pretty much anything you personally value or don’t want to ever be lost forever.

Does it come in different colours?

Right now, idtagit tags are available in a standard black and white design but we will be releasing new colours soon so watch this space. Feel free to drop us a line at info@idtagit.com and let us know what colours you would like to see in the range.

What do I need to do once I receive my idtagit tags?

Luckily, it’s as simple as could be. You need to go to the MY ACCOUNT page, enter the codes etched into the tags you’ve received and log it against each item you’ve attached the physical tag to. 

Do I need to double check the codes I’ve entered?

You sure do! The codes are long strings of numbers, so if you’re not a robot, it’s easy to mix them up. If you are a robot, carry on.

Do I need to double check my contact details?

Please do. Your lost things want to come home, we want to help to return them and you want them back so make sure everything’s in order and we’ll all do our bit.

Why do I need to give you my personal contact details?

We need your details for one reason only – so that if you lose something and someone finds it, we can contact you immediately and start the recovery process. We never share your details with other organisations or individuals; we respect your privacy at all times.

What if I lose my phone or laptop and can’t check my emails, how will you contact me to tell me it’s been found?

When registering your idtagit tags, you can provide up to three email address or mobile numbers. This way if you misplace a device that you rely on for SMS or email, trusted family members or friends can also be notified if it’s found, creating a faster recovery process.

Do I need to contact idtagit if one of my tagged possessions goes missing?

No, if you lose or misplace something we’re only able to assist in getting it back to you once it has been found and that person contacts idtagit. So if you lose something that has an idtagit tag, sit tight and we’ll notify you as soon as someone has found it.

Do you give my personal contact details to the person who’s found my stuff?

No, we don’t disclose your identity or private details to anyone. If someone finds something that’s yours and they contact idtagit, we then pass their details on to you so you can arrange the return of the item. It is then up to you what contact information you give to the finder.

If I use idtagit does this mean I will always get my belongings returned if I lose them?

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that items with idtagit tags will be found or returned, however by using idtagit you vastly increase the odds of quickly reclaiming lost belongings.

What’s the best approach for getting my things back from someone who’s found them?

To protect your personal safety, always try and arrange collection of your property from a police station of an official lost property department when possible. Avoid meeting somebody you don’t know at a place you’re unfamiliar with, and never offer money for the return of your items. Depending on the location of your finder, using channels such as your postal service or couriers are a far safer and more reliable method of getting your property back, without having to interact personally with someone unknown to you.

Does idtagit only work in certain parts of the world?

No, we’re global! idtagit works wherever there is access to the internet. So if you’re overseas on holiday and lose something with an idtagit tag, if it’s found it can be traced back to you via the idtagit website, wherever you are in the world.

Is there any on-going membership fee for the idtagit service?

Unlike some of our competitors, we have no subscription charges. Once you’ve bought your tags, that’s it, job done, no more to pay and your tag never expires.

What’s the technology behind the idtagit system?

We’ve adopted the basic tried and tested principles that most of us are familiar with, these being email and SMS. This gives our service a stable platform which is timeless, and doesn’t need batteries or an App to make it work or interact with.

Can I add any new tags I order to my existing account?

Yes, just ensure the same email address is used for logging into your existing account, and any new purchases of tags will be automatically assigned to your profile.